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Samantha is a networker and connector at heart who enjoys applying those skills to the world of online marketing
She is insanely passionate about all things social media.


Samantha has over 15 years experience of strategy from both An operations and an investor relations perspective within the financial sector.

WHILST completing her MBA at Warwick, she saw an opportunity to work with Small Medium Enterprises who were B2C and not fully utilising their online reach and POTENTIAL.

Her focus IS to help Businesses align all marketing efforts across THEIR OMNI CHANNELS. 


  • Social media strategy development.
  • Strategy implementation.
  • Social media analytics.
  • Interpreting social media analytics and empowering decision makers with the understanding of what it all means.

Fun facts:

  • Samantha met her husband through Twitter in 2008! Good reason to be appreciative of that particular platform.
  • She is completing an MBA through Warwick University, with her dissertation topic being: ‘‘Social Media and its influence on Revenue’’.
Samantha White

Samantha White

Social Media Strategist

Warwick MBA | Futurist | Connector | Infovore | Influencer | Entrepreneur

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