• Want to incorporate Social Media into your current marketing strategy but have no idea where to start?  Sam can help with this and provide you a process and procedure handbook that your company can use internally.
  • Want to develop content?  Sam has access to a wide variety photographers and videographers who can work with you to develop your brand.
  • Any adhoc online project that you need help managing, with her Ninja Admin Skills, Sam can help with this.
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Sam has delivered talks on the following topics:

Business and Personal Branding Online

How to best use Social Media to benefit your business

Social Media is about People not Brands.  And there is your challenge…

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Sam can help you run your social media accounts and depending on what you want to achieve with them, help your business grow!

  • Scheduling
  • Content creation
  • Copy
  • Analytics
  • Grow hacking
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work on a retainer?

Yes I do.  I offer 3 or 6 month retainers.  With an option to cancel at any time from either parties with 30 days notice.

Do you do a consultation for free?

Yes, I will do a consultation for free to discuss your business needs and requirements.  We can establish if I am the right person to help you with your social media and online initiatives.