Why Instagram helps your secret weapon…

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Ok, so you have decided that you are going to use Instagram for your business.  GREAT – smart move!  It is an effective platform to use as the numbers from Techcrunch suggests.

Here is a quick check list to ensure you got the basics covered.

USER NAME:   Choose a good user name!  Use full name for the profile, then under name, say what you do?  i.e. Fitness Expert

PROFILE PICTURE & BIO:   Have a good profile picture and description:  Have a great profile picture and consider your information to say exactly what you do.

FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE:  You have created a Facebook business page.  WHY?  Facebook owns Instagram and by having a business page, you are able to change your Instagram profile from personal to business.  This allows you to analyse the content you put out.  You can see how your audience interacts with your content  – which will help you to figure out what works (What posts get more likes, more engagement, more saves, more eyeballs etc).

INSTAGRAM BUSINESS PROFILE: Modify your Instagram to to business profile:  Here I would suggest you have a contact button.  I would just put email but if you are happy to have your mobile – you are able to have this noted on your profile as a professional little button which saves you adding it onto the bio!

TOOLS:  If you are serious….download the following immediately, if you have not already done so.  Iconsquare will allow you to look at the stats behind each picture you upload.  It will help you figure out what content is working, what is not.  UnUm allows you to upload your images and see how they look on your Instagram feed before you publish them.  You can use this tool to schedule release of posts as well.   Hootsuite is a platform for managing social media.  The system’s user interface takes the form of a dashboard, and supports social network integrations for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and more.  Lastly, decide on a photo editing app that suits you – see link for recommendations.

CONTENT:  So you have an account ready to go, however followers are not going to just roll in.  You need to create and develop inspiring content or just accept having no impact at all and being mediocre on the platform.  Need inspiration?  Check out these top 10 tips from some of Instagram’s influencers.

SCHEDULE: A post a day keeps your account interesting. To save yourself the hassle, plan your posts and images as far in advance as you can.   Upload them in into hoot-suite or your scheduler platform of choice.

STORIES: A story a day (video) keeps you at the top of your game!  The fact is, Instastories are beneficial to keep the your engagement alive and flowing.

IMAGES: Get some decent images of you or your product.  It is worth getting a set of images every quarter that you can use for fresh new content.

CURATE:  Share posts from other Instagram accounts you like and give credit to them.   You are now part of the sharing economy – play nicely.

HASHTAG: Up your # game.  You are allowed up to 30 hashtags!

Remember, be prepared to test ideas, images, concepts on your profile.  You will soon figure out what your audience connects with and what they do not. And while you are spinning all these plates (developing content, looking at your reach, impressions and likes), be yourself.

Oh and why Instagram helps your secret weapon, is because it gives your secret weapon a platform.  And that secret weapon is you. 😉

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